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1. Who Our Summer Staff Are:


"Somewhere between adolescense there occurs in human development an age which is physically and psychologically impossible.  It is that infathomable stage known as the camp [staff]: a creature undefined by psychologists, misunderstood by camp directors, worshipped by campers, either admired or doubted by parents and unheard of by the rest of society.

"A camp [staff] is a rare combination of doctor, lawyer, Indian and chief.  She is a competent child psychologist with Sophomore texbook as proof.  He is an underpaid babysitter disciplinarian with a twinkle in the eye.  A mister to all faiths with questions about her own.  He is a referee, a coach, a teacher, and an advisor.  She is the example of adulthood in worn out tennis shoes; a sweatshirt two sizes too large, and a hat two sizes too small.  He is a doctor in an emergency, a song leader, an entertainer, a play director... Read More


2. Why They Need to be Adopted:

To the average person, a Camp Don Lee staff might seem like a glorified babysitter.  But, to an alumni staff it is the hardest that they've ever worked, the most fun they ever had, and their favorite memories to reminisce about.

Our staff are with our campers 24 hours a day.  With the "small group" model, even the lifeguards and craft instructors are with THEIR group before and after their activity period is over.  The hours are long and the work is rewarding, but the praise and encouragement can be hard to come by.

This summer we have decided that our staff need more support.  While our direct supervisers (the full-time program staff) are walking around, giving warranted praise and feedback, we know (from experience) that staff need something more.

And who better to give the encouragement, support, and spiritual lift than the Don Lee Family who have been in thier shoes and want them to know that they are a part of something bigger; something life-changing that will affect their lives for years to come.





The Details


1. Pray

2. Send encouraging letters, emails, or care packages weekly

3. Provide $20 to purchase a bible and prayer book for the staffer.

  • We’d like to send the Bible to the sponsor so they can write a note in it and/or highlight favorite verses.
  • We’re looking for churches, families, individuals, Sunday School classes, youth groups, UMW groups, etc. to sponsor individual staff members.
  • We would also like you to committ to pray for your staff member regularly.




You will be given the some basic information about your summer staff (Where they go to school, what their position is, where they are from, their history with Don Lee, etc) and are looking for people to send them emails, letters, notes of encouragement, and care packages throughout their weeks on staff.


We would like to have all 80+ staff adopted by Friday, April 29th.
Please Contact Melissa Cooper to adopt a staff or if you have any questions.
Please email
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