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Wardlaw Clergy Retreat Cottage

At Don Lee Center

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North Carolina United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries, Inc and the NC Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church want to affirm the importance of personal retreat for clergy members of the NC United Methodist Annual Conference.  Being able to take time away in a special location designed and established to support clergy retreating is recommended for every clergy member of the Annual Conference.

In partnership with the Annual Conference, NC Camp and Retreat Ministries, INC.  has built and prepared a special cabin for retreating at Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.  Camp and Retreat Ministries is the sole owner of the House and is responsible for reservations, use of the house, maintenance, repairs, safety and oversight of all portions of the Clergy Retreat Cottage.

 The nominal fee is to help provide the utilities, the housekeeping, and the maintenance of this facility.   This new facility has two bedrooms, a   bathroom located between the bedrooms,   a small kitchen area, and a large living room with comfortable furniture and beautiful views.  


The Clergy Retreat House is available to accommodate clergy requests. Provided the House is not in use and that Camp and Retreat Ministries receives at least a 48 hour notice of the request, the house can be made available for use by Clergy and  full time employees of one of the churches or one of the places of extension ministry  in the NC Annual Conference.


General Guidelines:


  •  “Clergy” shall include all those described in Paragraph 141 of the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist church 2008, who hold membership in the North Carolina Conference  including those on leave or in the retired relationship. The Retreat Cottage will also be available for any fulltime laity working in the churches of the NC Conference of the UM Church.
  • The Clergy Retreat Cottage will be primarily used for the purpose of clergy retreat.  However, Camp and Retreat Ministries, INC may use the facility for other purposes if not scheduled for use by clergy up to four weeks in advance.  Camp and Retreat Ministries will make every effort to accommodate clergy requests provided the house is not reserved. 
  • The use of the Clergy Retreat House is intended to provide the entire house for an individual clergy person and/or their family.  Reservation is required.  The house includes two bedrooms with beds but linen is not provided.  One bedroom has a queen sized bed and the other bedroom has a trundle bed that offers two singles. There is also an additional full-sized bed in a loft accessible by a ladder. This means that each person will need to bring sheets, towels, and pillows for your use in the house. 
  • There is a small kitchen with a small refrigerator and stove top and microwave oven available for use in the Retreat House.   Reservation will include use of this kitchen.  Separate arrangements can be made for meals served at Don Lee Food Service in the dining room at an additional charge.  (Usually  $8.50 per person per meal)
  • General use of Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center facilities is possible recognizing that arrangements will need to be made with the Center for certain activities.  The grounds, the pier, and some water craft are available to be shared with other Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center groups. Use of areas and watercraft  will be made  with the reservation and require supervision by Don Lee staff members. 
  • There will be a nominal fee charged to clergy guests of $35.00 per night for use of the Retreat House and general use of Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.   There is an additional fee for meals provided by Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.  
  • Reservation can be made by contacting Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center directly via telephone or email.  Reservation for the Clergy Retreat house can be made for one to five nights at any one time. Check-in time is 4:00 PM (earlier if available) and check-out time is 11:00 AM (later, if available)  Information and general guidelines will be updated on the Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center website regularly.
  • Each guest is reminded that pets are not permitted to be brought to the Clergy Retreat House.



You may make reservations by calling or emailing Laura Goldenbaum-Yang, Faith Formation and Retreat Coordinator.  Call 252-249-1106 ext 31 or email Laura@donleecenter.org.

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