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Family Sailing School

Give us a call to book or if you have any questions about the program.

This weekend sailing program is formatted to work with families or adult and child combinations. The child must be at least seven years old and will be in the care of the parent throughout the weekend.  The course includes 16 hours of on the water sailing and classroom instruction. We will provide instruction and experience for each participant at a level related to his or her need. It is an intensive weekend of learning and excitement. This is a basic sailing course and does not include advanced skills.

You may arrive anytime after 6:30 PM on Friday, October 17th. Our first class will begin at 8:00 PM. Friday dinner is NOT included.  If you will be in the area for dinner, let us know we may have a few resturant suggestions.

We want to get to know everyone on Friday evening and give some basic information about sailing.   We will be meeting in the new Sylvester Sailing Center at Don Lee for all of our class and meeting work.

This US Sailing Modeled Course will include:  Parts of a sailboat, wind awareenss, how sails work, rigging the boat, points of sail, docking, knots, and a little about weather.

We will be using Flying Scot sailboats and provide instructors for each boat to begin.   As skill develops families will be able to sail without instructors onboard.

We should finish at about 3:00PM Sunday, October 19.

If you have questions call

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This includes lodging for two nights and five meals at Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.

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