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The Local Committee





Current Members of Camp Don Lee's Local Committee:


Vito Bisogno
Owen  Barrow
Jim Barrett
Steven Beacham
Hugh  Carpenter
Rudy Ashton
Dana Branham
Rob Patterson
John Lytton
Ruth Heath
David  Grimes
Lea Wolf
Alex Wnek
Sidney Stafford
Robert  Spencer
Bob Nadler
Phyllis Williams
Ed Davis
Keith Cannon
Eugene Everett
Emily  Everett
Josh Crumpler
Jane  Spicer
Cliff Ferrell
Bradley Cummins
Kevin Mason
Ashley Cowan
Bill Boykin
Kelli Sorg
Charles Moseley
Walter Graves
Alex Brooks
Barry Cummins
Lindsay Hathcock










  1. Reviews the proposed annual budget requests with periodic reviews of financial status
  2. Reviews and helps develop facility maintenance schedule and needs requests
  3. Support the Director in achieving professional and personal goals
  4. Promotes and supports the Volunteer Work Camp Program
  5. Promotes the Center and its programs in local churches and communities including open houses and other special events
  6. Promotes local camp maintenance and building projects that have been approved by the Board of Directors.  Solicits funding for such projects as directed to do so by the Board of Directors
  7. Serves as a support group for all Center staff, seasonal and permanent
  8. Handles all property matters within the policies of the Board of Directors
  9. Participates in the annual evaluation process of the Director


Standing Sub-Committees:

    • Personnel
    • Program and Public Relations
    • Property
    • Finance
    • Long Range Planning
    • Hospitality
    • Facilities
    • Development
    • Friends
    • Sailing




Street Sqad: Getting the word out about Camp Don Lee
Adopt a Summer Staff: Lifting Up the Folks on the Front Lines
Major Project List:  Our Tentative Project List
Wish List: Always on the Lookout


Mission Statement:
-To promote the programs of Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center and the mission of Camping and Retreat Ministry, Inc. through the establishment of a community comprised of those who have had the Don Lee experience and those who embrace its programs, values, and philosophies;
-To continually educate this community regarding Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center's ongoing missions, success and needs;
-To continually develop resources to support and expand the ministry of Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.
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