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Major Project List for Camp Don Lee



Work Day set for  March 1st or any weekend

Volunteers are needed.









Tentitve List of Major Projects:


  1. Volunteer Work Team Projects List: 


    • Repair the Sail Loft
    • Repair the concrete foundation on the southwest corner
    • Re-move the old roof shingles:  (Louisburg UMM to the roof)
    • Repair the roof sheeting:  (Louisburg UMM to the roof)
    • Re-shingle the roof of the building:  (Louisburg UMM to the roof)
    • Repair and repaint some of the exterior of the building.
    • Stabilize the shore side of the building

     Build two replacement campfire areas with benches.  

      • One should seat 150 people just to the left of the pier
      • Second one should seat 80 people,  closer to cabin 6
    •  Paint the exterior of the Archery shack.
    • Build a permanent shelter for the archery area. 
    • Build one permanent shelters near the front of the Fellowship Hall.
    • Find and purchase 25 additional rocking chairs
    • Cut at least 8 trees down and block and split for campfire wood.
    • Paint the exterior of the well water house, pump, and the water tank area.  Clean wire brush, and paint the water tank for protection from more rust.
    • Re-build the old propane tank fence outside Fellowship Hall for storage.  Use Treated Wood.
    •   Build four more  trash can racks
    •     Finish vinyl  ceiling soffit in Cabin #3(St. James-Taroboro)
    •    Cover porch walls in Cabin 3 after fill material.(St. James-Taroboro)
    •     Prepare and paint cabin #3(St. James-Tarboro)
    •     Replace outside fly beam in Lee Cabin
    •     Repaint exterior to Lee Cabin
    •      Install   four more RV  Hook-up with sewer.   
    •     Re-roof the Green Shack
    •   Paint floors in Cabin # 1 – (Centenary UMC- New Bern)
    •   Remove, stain, and replace screening in upper areas of Small, Holland, Lee, and Campbell Cabins –
    •   Remove, sand, re-stain porch framing on the Small Cabin.  Then rescreen-
    •   Remove, sand, re-stain porch framing on the Holland Cabin.  Then rescreen-
    •   Remove, sand, re-stain porch framing on the Lee Cabin.  Then rescreen-
    •   Remove, sand, re-stain porch framing on the Campbell Cabin.  Then rescreen
    •   Put second paint coat of paint on the exterior soffit of the Barrett Cabin (St. James –Greenville)

    A large variety of other projects are available.  Let us know who you have and how much time you can be here and we will match you with a project.







For More Information On How To Help:

Kate Metts, Director

252 249 1106 x23


Laura Goldenbaum-Yang, Retreats Ministries Coordinator

252 249 1106 x31


We are always looking for scout groups, special interest groups, youth groups, and work groups to come help us out!


Please check out Calendar of Events for upcoming Work Weekend Events
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