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Look over the project list and see what skills and talents you and your group may have. Contact John Farmer to discuss project details. Gather your group, tools, and helpful attitudes and head to Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.

This list includes current identified projects. If you know of subcontractors we should contact to help us with any of these projects please let us know. We will need both volunteer labor and funding for many of these projects. If you can provide volunteer labor and/or funding please contact us.

Install wooden hand-rail on foot bridge in the woods.

Re-shingle one-half of the roof on the Fellowship Hall.

Do major renovations to ceiling insulation, ceiling covering(install vinyl), and painting in Cabin # 3.

Clean out swimming pool for the season. Repair docks and powerwash.

Finish steps, railings and lighting for "Deck" in the Cabin 1 Cabin 2 area.

Paint floor in Cabin 5, 6, & 7

Landscaping: (Maintain landscaping around the 4 named cabins, some landscaping around numbered cabins, main entrance landscaping. Some plants and flowers to add to these areas would be great. We also need additional ground cover like mulch.)

Challenge Course: (Repair elements, build new elements. These are projectes that may require strong backs and some equipment to construct some challenges. talk to us about who you may have and we may just the rigtht project for you.)

Sidewalks: (prepare and pour cement sidewalks in named cabin area. this will require preparation to pour sidewalks and forming up the sites. Funding for the concrete will also be needed at this time. We now have a number of person who are in chairs or walkers from time to time. Our rock paths do not work for them to get from cabins to activities or the bath house.)

Picnic Tables: (repair and build new)

Interior Staining: (interior walls of the 2 named cabins have a latex poly urethane coating that needs to be re-applied - funding needed)

Stage Lighting for Vesper Dale: (perminate outdoor lighting set up. Elictrical skills and materials or funding for lights and wire.

Playground: (designing, funding, and building a American Camp Assosciation approved playground area)

Chapel: (Phase Two of the renovation of the Conrad and Gaynelle Glass Chapel. This will include some painting and carpentary work.)

Pier Lighting: replace and install new lighting down the pier. some simple electrical experience needed)

Repaint metal bunks in numbered cabins: requires taking bunks out of cabin, painting them with an enamel paint and then putting them back in the cabins.

Health Center painting; paint the front porch, front doors and the front room of the Health Center.

Simple one block high retaining wall around a 20 X 20 slab. needs to be sealed for water retintion.

Cabinets need to be built for book and supply storage in fellowship hall.

Equipment Shed: (Build a new equipment shed for camping and Outdoor Living Skills supplies This will require funding of several thousand dollars.)


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