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Duke Marine Lab Trawler Trip

What is the trawler trip?
Marine Science Campers will travel to Duke Marine Lab in Morehead City and board the Susan Hudon research vessel. While on board a large net will drag behind the boat and collect a variety of sea creatures. These creatures will be transported to a livewell and campers will have a change to see, touch, and learn more about each creature. A  large bucket will then be dragged along the sea floor and bottom dwelling creatures will also be collected.
In the past an amazing variety of fish and marine invertibrates have been collected including, sea robins, burrfish, sharks, butterfly rays, filefish, spadefish, seahorses, lizard fish, sea stars, callico crabs, blue crabs, squid, sea urchins, keyhole urchins "sand dollars", and so much more. Each trip is differnt and you never know what unique creature you are going to discover.
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