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Planning Timeline for your Coastal Communities Field Trip

6-12 Months in Advance

  • Get approval from your school officials and choose a few dates that will work for your group. Call School Programs Coordinator, Jessica Kochman, to reserve your space.
  • Upon receipt, immediately sign and return your Program Agreement with your $200 deposit. This will reserve the trip date on the calendar for your group.
  • Strategize funding opportunities available for the trip.
4-5 Months in Advance
  • Teacher team begins planning trip and working on fund-raising.
  • Schedule and hold meeting with parents and chaperones to give them information and to answer questions about the field trip.
3 Months in Advance
  • Mail your 30% deposit, along with your final numbers to Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center. Continue with fund-raising plan, and begin working with your team to begin planning your program options.
  • If you wish to participate in off-site options, give these requests to the School Programs Coordinator to schedule and make reservations for your group.
  • Cancellation after this date will result in loss of 30% deposit.
30 Days in Advance
  • Begin collecting emergency contact information and finalize your program options with your team.
  • Continue collecting money and fund-raising.
  • Cancellation after this date will require a payment of 80% of total bill.
14 Days in Advance
  • Mail, fax, or email your program options to the School Programs Coordinator, along with your Final Group Information Sheet.
  • If you are visiting for one day please also call, email, or fax the School Program Coordinator with information on arrival and depature times and lunch plans.
7 Days in Advance
  • Go over vocabulary concepts relating to the program and review your schedule that has been provided to you by the School Programs Coordinator.
  • Review group assignments and cabin assignments with students. Make nametags for kids that indicate group assignments.
  • Make sure students know the plans for lunch on day 1 (bag lucnh, $ for fast food, ect).
  • Review policies and expectations of Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center with adults and chaperones attending the trip.
  • Cancellation after this date will require full payment.

Departure Day

  • Load buses with luggage and provide adults and chaperones with any necessary information they may need for the trip
  • Final payment and emergency contact information will be collected upon arrival.
  • Have a safe trip to Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center!
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