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Teacher "To Do" List

The following is a list of things that MUST be completed before your group arrives at camp. Please pay close attention to deadlines and utilize this page as a check-off list and worksheet.


Mail your 30% deposit, due 3 months in advance, for the TOTAL NUMBERS of people (students, chaperones, and teachers) attending the trip. You may change your reserved numbers up to the 3 month deadline date. After that date, you will be held reliable to pay for this reserved number, regardless of how many people actually attend the field trip. If your numbers increase, you will pay the stated per person rate for each additional participant.




Two weeks in advance, please follow these guidelines to ensure that you, and the Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center, are prepared for your visit.

  • Mail, email, or fax, your completed Program options sheet and Final Group Information sheet, so that we can create your itinerary and assign your cabins. Our fax number is 888-661-9908, and you can email to:


  • Once your Final Group Information is received you will be asked to divide your students into a specific number of smaller groups. Make sure one teacher/chaperone, preferable two, is assigned to be with each group. Each group should be assigned a number, and you are welcome to add a name to the number (for example: #1 green frogs).


  • Once your Final Group Information and Program Options are recieved you will also receive your itinerary and cabin assignments. Please review your schedule and contact us if any changes need to be made. Please give each students a specific cabin assignment before your arrival.


  • Please meet with your chaperones to prepare them for their visit. Review the polices and expectations of the school, and the Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center, with the adults and chaperones attending the trip. Chaperones are to stay with their groups to supervise students at all times, to make sure the group gets to their classes and activities on time, to monitor and correct any behaviors that may be taking away from the productivity of the group, and to act as a liaison between the school contact and Don Lee staff.


  • Notify students and parents that during their free time at Don Lee the camp store will be open. Items available at the camp store include: drinks, snacks, shirts, hats, key chains, ect. Students may want to bring extra money if they wish to purchase any of these items. We suggest that studenst bring no more than $40.00 with them to Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center.


  • Give students a "What to Bring List" (included in this packet) and remind the students to leave valuable items at home.

The Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.


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